Workplace Health

The Workplace Health Physiotherapy Team provides many services to ensure clients get excellent medical and physiotherapy care to ensure they can maintain or return to their desired work.

We are affiliated with APM  Workcare to provide ACC SAW programmes.

Work Site Assessment

Our  physiotherapists can come to your work site to assess and analyse the tasks required for you to perform your job. They will take into account the physical environment, tools and equipment required for the work, as well as the physical and ergonomic demands of the work.

The physiotherapists will then be able to write a report outlining the requirements of the work and if necessary make recommendations.

If an employee is having any difficulty with the work, or has an injury, the physiotherapists can formulate plans to rehabilitate, or make changes to ensure safe work environment.

Return to Work Rehabilitation

Our Occupational Health Physiotherapy Team works with insurance companies such as ACC, Well NZ, Gallagher Bassett to assist employees return to work after injury whether the injury occurred at work or not.

The physiotherapists enter into a process of liaison and assessment with the client and employer to ensure a plan for return to work is suitable and realistic.

The plan may include work site assessment, physiotherapy rehabilitation, gym rehabiltation and use of equipment to assist the process.

Injury Prevention

Its always better to prevent injury if possible. Our experts can educate and advise your work place on injury prevention strategies.

Pre-employment Screening

We have experience in providing pre-employment screening and assessment for employers.