Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Comprehensive physiotherapy for sports injuries, no matter what level of sport you participate in.

We assess and treat muscle strains, tendon injuries, joint sprains and dislocations.

Hands on manual therapy, exercise therapy and return to sport, tailored to your individual goals.

Back and Neck Pain

We offer comprehensive assessment and treatment of back and neck pain. Offering pain relief and restoration of movement through manual therapy and exercise.

Hands On Manual Therapy

Mobilisation, manipulation and massage for joint sprains and muscle injuries.

Pain relief for back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder and other musculo-skeletal problems.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy treatment after joint replacement surgery, total/ partial knee replacement  and hip replacement.

Rehabilitation following surgery:

  • Knee surgery eg. ACL reconstruction, meniscectomy 
  • Hip surgery  eg. Labral tear repair
  • Spinal surgery eg. fusion, discectomy
  • Shoulder surgery, eg. rotator cuff repair, stabilisation

Post fracture recovery.

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation

We offer treatment for balance problems, dizziness and BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).

Exercise Therapy

Exercise is Medicine, whether in small or large doses.

Specific exercises can be prescribed for injuries and rehabilitation.

General exercise and advice is given for health benefits and for the prevention and management of chronic health conditions such as Arthritis and Diabetes

Pain Rehabilitation

Pain relief for acute. short term injuries and pain rehabilitation programmes for chronic pain conditions.

  • ACC Pain Service
  • Chronic Pain education and exercise

Physical Activity and PhysioFitt

Regular physical activity is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and helps prevent  and manage chronic health conditions. 

We can help you adopt a healthy physical lifestyle in a safe way taking into account any medial issues and previous injuries. 

PhysioFitt is a targeted physical activity and exercise programme for people with health conditions. GPs can refer you or visit

Clinical Pilates

Physiotherapy based Pilates exercises, adapted to individual requirements, taking into account previous or current injury.

Individual sessions or small group mat classes.

Womens' Health

Physiotherapy for pain relief and safe exercises during and following pregnancy.

Basic assessment and exercises for bladder issues.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage  from our qualified massage therapist Maree Mason. Maree  has expertise in sports massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation, pain relief and pregnancy related issues.


ACC Initial Appointment: $35 ( $30 CSC)

ACC Follow up Appointment: $30 ( $25 CSC)

Private Initial Appointment: $75 ( $70 CSC)

Private Follow up Appointment: $65 ( $60 CSC)

 ( Discount for Community Services Card Holders)

Massage Therapy: $70 per hour