Penny Minnoch

Senior Physiotherapist

Penny has worked in the Barrington Community since 2009.  She has post graduate qualifications in pain science, rehabilitation, teaching, sport and exercise science.  Penny has a focus on rehabilitation and chronic pain.   She likes to use manual techniques, exercise and education to help clients with the rehabilitation process.  She has recently completed Level 1 BradCliff training for Breathing Physiotherapy.

Penny has experience in manual therapy techniques and working with clients with persistent pain.  This knowledge and skill base have been further enhanced through Penny recently completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Pain and Pain Management.   Based on her experience and knowledge she uses a variety of musculoskeletal techniques that consider biopsychosocial factors to help meet the needs of her clients to achieve their rehabilitative goals.   Penny also keeps up to date with current physiotherapy practices by attending courses and conferences and most recently attended the Pain conference.  

Out of work time she enjoys family time with her son and husband and travelling. 

Jane Ashby

Senior Physiotherapist

Master of Physiotherapy (Manipulative Physiotherapy) 

Jane has worked in the Barrington Community since 2000.  She has post graduate qualifications in Manipulative Physiotherapy which focuses on manual physiotherapy techniques and provides skills in clinical reasoning and problem solving. She now enjoys using her hands-on manual skills and educating clients on exercises which will help rehabilitate and prevent injuries.  

Her Masters dissertation investigated pregnancy related back and pelvic pain and positional preferences for physiotherapy treatments. This sparked an interest in Women’s health around pregnancy and especially exercise therapy following pregnancy.  

 She has trained in Clinical Pilates and finds this exercise approach is complimentary to her other physiotherapy skills.  She keeps up to date with current physiotherapy practices by attending courses, most recently attending an excellent Hip Diagnosis and Treatment course.  

Out of work time she enjoys family time with her 2 sons and husband, camping and adventuring in the outdoors.  She tries to keep fit with running and goes to Yoga classes weekly. 

Ben Hubmann


Ben joined Barrington Health Physio in 2023 having completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Otago in 2022. He enjoys working with people from all backgrounds, using a mixture of hands on techniques, exercise, functional movements and education to assist clients in living their best lives.  Ben has moved to Christchurch from his hometown Wellington and enjoys making use of all the great outdoor access the South Island has to offer.  Spending lots of time rock climbing and skiing out in the Castle Hill basin/ Kura Tawhiti. 

Emily Wu


Emily has worked in the Barrington Community since 2023. She graduated from University of Otago in December 2022, however she has been living in Christchurch for most of her life. Emily has a special interest in learning dry needling and knee injuries. She enjoys working with variety of patient groups, using manual techniques, exercises and education to help clients with rehabilitation. Emily had previously worked as a front of house at a restaurant in Dunedin, a support worker with CCS disability supporting families in Dunedin and a medical assistant with Formosa in Taiwan.

Emily speaks 3 languages, English, Mandarin and Japanese, and has a big family in Christchurch.

Outside of work, Emily enjoys going to the gym, keeping active outside enjoying the sun, and baking desserts.

Karen Elliott

 Senior Physiotherapist, Occupational Health Physiotherapist

Karen works in both the clinic and vocational rehabilitation teams. Karen developed an interest in vocational rehabilitation whilst she was working in Adelaide where she completed her Masters qualification. She has had extensive experience in both Adelaide and Christchurch, recently teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at the School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago. She specialises in helping people recover from injury and return to work by communicating with clients, employers and health professionals involved in the client’s care and tailoring return to work programmes to meet the clients needs.  This can include functional strength and conditioning following injury, modification of a workplace, and modified work hours and duties. She also has a keen interest in injury prevention. 

Karen's other main interest is developing exercise programmes for patients with medical issues including those with balance and vestibular problems. She has been actively involved in developing the PhysioFitt pathway which is a physiotherapy exercise programme for those who require support to become physically active.

Outside work Karen enjoys running, tramping and cycling with friends and family and utilising any opportunity to visit her three adult children overseas. 

Nicola Laing

Senior Physiotherapist, Occupational Health Physiotherapist

Nicola has more than 30 years’ experience in physiotherapy initially with musculo- skeletal disorders in a mix of hospital and private practice settings and since 2000 in the field of Occupational Health and rehabilitation.   

Occupational health rehabilitation involves the coordination of clients post injury or illness back into the workplace in a timely and safe manner offering advice to the client and their employer on how to integrate back to the workplace over the recovery period during an injury. We also work one on one with clients in our clinic and/or gym to assist during the recovery pathway to meet the physical and functional needs for each job tailored to the person and their injury.   

Nicola enjoys working with a vast array of clients and industries empowering people to achieve the best they can be over the rehabilitation period with the goal of a positive and timely return to work.  

She lives locally in the Cashmere community and loves to walk the hills with my dog, friends and family.   

Haley Morgan


Haley joined the Barrington Health Physiotherapy team in April 2024. Haley Studied History and Classics at UC, focusing mainly on Mythologies of different cultures, including Greek, Roman, Japanese and European Mythologies. Having previously worked in the medical industry at one of the After Hours Clinics, Haley brings a wealth of knowledge about the in's and out's of the Health sector. In her spare time she enjoys gaming with her husband and friends. Haley has a ginger meow fur baby with hubby, called Edit, who is both a bane and a beloved monster in her life.

Maree Mason, Massage Therapist

Maree's massage business inTouch Massage Therapy operates out of Barrington Health Physiotherapy. Maree is an excellent Massage therapist with the following qualifications: Dip. Therapeutic Mass. CCNM, Cert. Adv. Sports Mass. CCNM.

Eva Meiklejohn

New Zealand Registered Dietitian

Owner of Embrace Nutrition

Eva’s dietitian practice Embrace Nutrition will be offering consultations here at Barrington Health Physiotherapy. 

Eva offers tailored nutritional advice to support your health needs and wellbeing goals.  Eva specialises in gastrointestinal (gut) health, working with many Gastroenterologists and GP’s throughout Christchurch.   Eva also enjoys working with clients to improve their relationship with food and eating behaviours.  Eva can provide nutritional support to address specific health conditions (including prediabetes, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and assist with your physiotherapy rehabilitation).

Eva graduated with her Master’s in Dietetics Degree from the University of Otago in 2015.   She has worked as a clinical dietitian at Christchurch Hospital for three years and now works at her own private practice, Embrace Nutrition. 

Growing up on a farm near Mount Hutt, Eva loves in her spare time escaping to the country and skis every opportunity she can in winter.

Contact Eva: 0272184144,