Work Rehabilitation following injury

We will work with you, your employer and/or ACC and third party administrators (eg Work Aon, Well NZ and Gallagher Bassett) to help you to recover from your injury, get strong and fit to meet the demands of your work tasks, and return to work safely.  

Barrington Health Physiotherapy is affiliated with APM Workcare for provision of Stay at Work services to ACC.

Return to work programmes

We can work with you and your employer to achieve a successful return to work in the safest way possible. This involves visiting the workplace and coordinating a plan with you, your employer and your doctor.  

Injury Treatment and Exercise Programmes

Barrington Health Physiotherapy has a purpose-built gym. The staff are well equipped to design programmes to develop your fitness for return to usual work tasks when it is not possible to rehabilitate in the actual work environment. Exercise programmes are designed to match the demands of the job to ensure you are fit to re-enter the workplace. 

We can also provide rehabilitation and return to work programmes for those people who have time off work following illness or who are having difficulty with work due to age related or chronic medical conditions.