Clinical Pilates

At Barrington Health Physiotherapy we incorporate Pilates in a clinical setting with our clients. This may mean that you are instructed on Pilates exercises that will aid in your injury recovery  and prevent recurrence of your problem.  Pilates exercises are adapted to a client's individual requirements and abilities.

Pilates can be taught on a one:one basis or in a class setting. We offer small classes of Mat Pilates, if you'd like to attend a class we require a one:one appointment prior to starting the class for assessment and instruction to ensure the correct technique and advise on specific requirements. Please call the clinic to enquire about our current class timetable. 03 9259665. 
If  a class is not your thing your physiotherapist can give you instruction in individual sessions and develop a home programme that you can do in your own time.

What is Pilates and how does it work? 
Pilates exercises a low impact exercises aimed at activating and strengthening the core muscles in the lower back, pelvis and abdominals, and shoulder girdle. It aims to engage the muscles that help control your movement to provide strong stable core for pain free movement.

The original Pilates was developed for dancers and gymnasts who require phenomenal strength while remaining flexible. We have learned a lot about bodies since its inception and so modern Clinical Pilates is adapted to embrace current research and evidence.

Clinical Pilates is used at Barrington Health Physiotherapy as it includes individual assessment and adapatations according to your body and injury.

At Barrington Health Physiotherapy we use basic equipment that you can purchase or may already have at home such as theraband, foam roller, yoga mat, ball.